As a parent, it is always more than worth it. And when I say more than worth it, I don’t mean it in the way someone might say that about maybe remodeling a room or working toward a promotion at work. While those are important, in my life, when I’ve said that expression, I’ve never meant it as much as I do in regards to parenthood.

Parenthood is the most exhausting, insanely best job in the entire world. I honest to goodness would give my life to keep my children safe, regardless. I have no hesitation in my heart at the thought. As far as I know, any parent would do the same for their children.

While I feel like I am fairly patient and attentive, even blissfully attentive a good portion of the time, I’d hate to think of the lack of help if I were alone. I have a supportive husband who sincerely helps. (I’ve heard stories of some spouses that aren’t as helpful). Homework alone is an exhausting daily ritual. My son is good about getting to his homework and doesn’t complain about that part, but sometimes math is challenging and honestly, after seven hours in school, sometimes he just wants to be done. I cannot blame him whatsoever. Some days it is brutal. How would I do it alone? How do single parents do it alone?

Do you have a specified homework time? We adhere to a few things.

1) When my son gets home, he washes his hands (keep those germs away!), gets a drink and a snack, and then settles right in for homework.

2) We consistently have him do his homework at the kitchen table to avoid distractions.

3) My husband or I sit right with him right now. He is in third grade so the homework requires us to be right there with him.

4) When one subject is done, I offer a few minute break if he wants one. (Typically he wants to get things done so he won’t take a break).

5) We go over the homework problem by problem to ensure it’s correct.

Yep, I actually feel like this photo some nights once homework is done. I think I should run a lap and stretch out my arms, scream and cheer in the sunlight, and dance around. Maybe my son should be doing the dance and celebration race for actually doing the work, but keeping the patience and diligence as a parent? Celebration worthy!

What are you tips or tricks? This isn’t to say it’s a perfect situation every single night. Sometimes he just doesn’t feel like it and isn’t positive about it. But, that consistency does wonders for our household.

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