I wouldn’t dream of pretending I have everything together. Believe it or not, no one does, not one. If it appears things are hunky Dory, that’s because even if one area is in excellent condition, another area is messy. I mean this literally. We had to have a plumber come today and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I absolutely love to clean, but, in the master bedroom, we still have a box from Christmas. To be clear, inside the box? A few games, some Super Mario Brothers magnets, an outfit for my son, and nerf gun bullets. Why is the box still there? Well, once I get up everyday, I’m not in the bedroom again until bedtime. I am constantly doing the motherhood thing or running my business. Sure, I dust and vacuum up there, but I haven’t moved the cotton picking box.

I remember visiting a friend once. Her house was epically “busy.” The toys were shoved under furniture, the counters completely full. This, my readers, is how some people’s rooms are in one specific area where “the camera is not facing.” You know what? It’s fine!! No one cares about that stuff. My relationship with my friend didn’t change because her house was cramped. The plumber didn’t care we had one silly box sitting there. We all have our stuff. As long as things are clean and safe, then to each their own.

So my area that lacks when other things seem to be in good shape? It’s the stuff that has to be sorted through. It’s not the dirt or restrooms. It is the areas in my home that I need to purge. You know, the former happy meal toys, the old blocks we got from the Dollar Store that are missing pieces, the mail I need to sort through, the box of tea I can combine into another box, and other odds and ends.

How do I keep other things in order? When you’re a mom, a business owner, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a (favorite) aunt, a friend, how can we possibly manage it all? Well, first of all, I don’t have it all perfect. Again, no one does! Wait, read that again. NO ONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER.

However, I do work tirelessly to try, oh how I try, to manage things.


1) I remember to forgive myself if I don’t get things right. This is just one day. Tomorrow is a new day. It doesn’t all have to get done right here, right now. If today doesn’t work out, try again!

2)I’m strategic about what I can accomplish. When I use a planner to get things done, I am specific. Let’s say you want to clean the garage. It wouldn’t be the best choice to write “today I will clean the garage from 9-11.” It would be wise to write something like, “the top shelf of boxes will be sorted through today from 9-11.

3) I focus on the results, not the to-do list. For example, with writing, I don’t say “I’ll write 2,500 words.” I focus more on a certain subject matter to finish. It is easy to write stuff on a to-do list that is already done to check off. Hey, nothing wrong with checking off stuff (even stuff you’ve done before!) but if I want to market my book, I can’t spend an hour brainstorming, I need to actually be writing the script, emailing the letter, contacting the interested parties.

4) I’ve said this repeatedly in my blog posts. I am realistic. How is this different from #2 above? This step is about to what I can do on those more challenging days when I am struggling for time. (You know those days when the housework is behind, the baby is sick, my son has more than usual amounts of homework). I am sure to put something on my list that is conducive to a busier day.

For example, I know I cannot accomplish writing an entire chapter tonight. But, I know I can do 2,500 words so I will focus on that.

5) This is, and always will be, the number one in my life. I will always ask for God’s wisdom and strength and His will for my life, moment by moment. Take yesterday for example. My kids just had a “need my mommy” day. My son was clingy and I played game after game with him. We baked. We did crafts. I will write on this blog about this in my next post. My precious daughter who is only one, spilled a drink on the living room rug. She took things she shouldn’t. Precious little girl is just learning these things. I am non-stop busy with my kids. It was the Lord’s will that I focus on my babies yesterday. I had to accept that would be my only accomplishment yesterday and that, my friends, allowed me to sleep soundly.

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